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ETS Approved Rings   April 2017
ETS Suppliers   April 2017
ETS Dealers in ZA   April 2017


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To whom it may concern;

Please note that no Exclusive ETS “Software” precluding other SANPO Approved Branded E-Rings will be allowed without also making available the open option to Fanciers whereby any approved branded E-Rings can be accommodated by the ETS, giving the Fancier Freedom of choice as to which option he peferes.

The same condition is not new to ETS OEMs as it is already been implemented in Organisations such as NPO and other European Organisations.

The mentioned Rule 1 under SANPO ETS System is therefore amended to read as follows noting the specific deadline date mentioned hereunder.

All SANPO approved ETS systems,    club units(CANS) and the actual ETS Clock registering the arrivals of the pigeons from a race,    must have the capability to read all SANPO approved E-Rings.  

In the case of the “Open Option” The respective units software driving the clock is to allow the basketing and timing of all SANPO Approved E-Rings” irrespective of the approved OEM brand or ID Code.

In essence this means that all clocks shall have the option to be opened to read all SANPO approved E-Rings irrespective of who the approved manaufacturer is,  so-doing allowing the Fancier freedom of choice to purchase a SANPO approved E- ring of his choice or alternatively continue to use the Branded ETS Exclusive software precluding other branded E-Rings.  This however would be the Fanciers choice to make.

All Club Units however to accommodate all SANPO approved Branded E-Rings.  SANPO will not approved any E-Ring that has not been FCI Approved.

Please aslo note that the latest SANPO approved software versions of ETS OEMS shall be used on ETS when participating is SANPO Sanctioned Races.

The implementation date for above has been set for 1 January 2017.