All Committees includes the Management Committee.

  1. 1.Konstitusie/Constitution:

Chairman: Shane Gerber.

Members: Management Committee.

  1. 2.Publisiteit, Bemarking/Publicity, Marketing,

Chairman: Yassiem Khan

Members: Management Committee.

  1. 3.Webblad/Website.

Chairman: Richie Pieterse.

Members: Management Committee.

  1. 4.Meriete/Merits

Chairman: George le Roux

Members: Management committee.

  1. 5.Doping and Banned substances etc.

Chairman: Vyver Krog.

Members: Dr Ockert Botha

  1. 6.Appèl Raad/Appeal Board:

Chairman: Chris Koutsoudis

Members: Adv Ahmed Cachalia, Management Committee + the Regional representative of the Region.

  1. 7.Klokke/Clocks:

Chairman: Shane Gerber.

Members: Eric Brown, Management Committee.

  1. 8.Finansies/Finances:

Chairman: Pedrie vd Merwe

Members: Rona Grundeling, Vyver Krog & Management Committee.

  1. 9.Skou/Show:

Chairman: Yazeed Moerat

Members: Yassiem Khan, Management Committee.

  1. 10.Code of Conduct/Ethics/Standard and Norms

Chairman: George le Roux

Members: Prof Christo de Coning, Management Committee.

  1. 11.Eendag Hokke/One Day Lofts

Chairman: Leon Meyer

Members: Management Committee.

  1. 12.SASCOC / Sport Council related matters / Various Government Departments

Chairman: George le Roux

Members: Fadiel Hendricks, Executive team


This committee’s purpose will be to plot the Strategic Direction of the Organization and roll-out the tasks associated with the various committees as mentioned above.

Chaired by the President.

Members: Shane Gerber, Adv Ahmed Cachalia, Johan Pretorius, Rona Grundeling, Dr Ockert Botha and Prof. Christo de Coning.